Udemy Coupon Free – Scratch Programming for Raspberry Pi

Udemy Coupon Free – Scratch Programming for Raspberry Pi

Udemy Coupon Free – Scratch Programming for Raspberry Pi

Discover how to utilize Scratch for designing animations, making fun interactive games and coding instructional projects.

Udemy Coupon Free – Scratch Programming for Raspberry Pi

Design animations

Code educational programs

Udemy Coupon Free – Scratch Programming for Raspberry Pi

You would have to download the offline editor for Scratch 2.0
#1 Scratch Programming class on Udemy, Regarding testimonials (over 60)

#1 Scratch Programming course on udemy, about 5-star reviews (over 40)

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Udemy Coupon Free – Scratch Programming for Raspberry Pi


This course is mainly targeted at young students ( age 8 to 16), that are eager to explore the Scratch visual programming environment. No previous knowledge of computers or programming must benefit from this program.

The program is structured as a set of fun programming jobs, by which the pupils will be introduced to each of the building blocks of the Scratch programming language. From the end of the program, the students will be confident enough to make their Scratch jobs and games.

This course can be completed in about 3 hours. This includes the time necessary to complete the job assignments.

If your kids are new to programming, this class will teach them how to ideate and design jobs from scratch by using standard programming concepts.

If the student mails the job duties, he/she will be entitled to a ScratchNinja “White Belt” certification.

Udemy Coupon Free – Scratch Programming for Raspberry Pi

Who’s the target audience?
This course is most suitable for children who wish to learn a new visual programming language.
No prior knowledge of coding or programming is required.

About the Instructor
Kamesh Dkr
Item Engineer – Technology
Kamesh DKR is enthusiastic about working in the intersection of technology and instruction.

Kamesh has a Masters in Computer Applications from VIT, among the top engineering schools in India.

Kamesh is a product engineer with ScratchNinja and is responsible for creating user-friendly educational classes to teach cutting-edge technological concepts to college pupils.

Venkatesh Varadachari

Venkatesh Varadachari is the creator of Money-Wizards Global Pte Ltd, which owns the schooling brands Money-Wizards, PiWizards and Scratch Ninja.

Venkatesh believes that knowledge ought to be made available to individuals in all walks of life. Venkatesh also believes in the power of education to change lives.

Best Scratch Prog course on Udemy
  • It is very clear, and is helpful to me.


Best Scratch Prog course on Udemy with very relevant hands-on fun lessons and quizzes (vs other similar courses which are just copy examples obtained from books). My son was initially luke-warm to Scratch at first but after seeing what was taught in Venkatesh & Kamesh videos, he asked to come back to try it out with minimal supervision. Thank you Venkatesh & Kamesh for taking the extra effort to entice young minds with simple yet interesting & fun video lectures!

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