Udemy Coupon Free – Mastering Camera Raw – Create Breathtaking Images

in this course you will learn:

You will learn fundamental panel in camera raw
You will learn how to work with colours in camera raw
You will learn how to edit landscape pictures in camera raw
You will learn how to edit style pictures in camera raw

You should have latest version of adobe photoshop cc
Discover with Marcin Mikus how to make the most gorgeous pictures possible, with the least number of steps possible, by harnessing the energy inside Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), now also available as a Filter directly within Photoshop!

Join me in this remarkable experience in an introduction to Adobe Camera Raw.

You will learn about using Camera Raw as a flexible image-polishing tool that enriches your photos very quickly.

Whether you are a Adobe Photoshop beginner or a long-time person, you will leave this class with the tools necessary to easily create stunning images with less effort.

Who’s the target audience?
Everyone who wish to create incredible images
landscape photographers
fashion photographers
Everyone who wishes to learn photoshop and camera raw

About the Instructor
Marcin Mikus

I am open minded and innovative Photoshop Instructor and Retoucher. I feel that massive layers of creativity lets me create interesting, nontrivial ideas.

I have been teaching Photoshop for the past couple of years. I spend virtually every day with photoshop and in time I was able to get more and more understanding about appropriate methods of teaching Photoshop. After few Years I believed it is the ideal time to come out with Premium Courses on udemy. Where I will share some incredible ideas and create Photoshop fun!

Within my retouching career I have been internationaly printed in various Fashion and Beauty magazines such as Lucy’s, Dreamingless, Ellegant, L’oficiel and a lot more!

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