Udemy Coupon Free – Learn C# By Building Applications

Udemy Coupon Free – Learn C# By Building Applications

Udemy Coupon Free – Learn C# By Building Applications

Udemy Coupon Free – Learn C# By Building Applications

What Will I Learn?

  • You can be confident that after taking this course you will be able to write apps in C# (c sharp) in your own
  • You will learn how to write clean code that will make your job more elegant, readable and commendable


We’ll be using Visual Studio Community 2015 (but once Visual Studio has further upgrades the course will continue with the most recent version of Visual Studio Community), so you can download and install it yourself or take action along with me throughout the Program

Udemy Coupon Free – Learn C# By Building Applications


Well, there are a few good reasons – C# (C Sharp) can permit you to produce games, mobile apps, desktop apps and web apps. This means that in case you understand C# (C Sharp) nicely and may build desktop or web applications using it then you will always be in demand.

. NET (and more especially C# (C Sharp)) programmers make anywhere from 80K – 100K+ (obviously the range would depend on where you live), but the point is that C# (C Sharp) isn’t just a valuable skill but a rewarding one as well.

But before going anywhere, you should first learn the fundamentals. Now, there are many courses, videos, and blogs about the basics of C# (C Sharp) – so that begs the question: Why choose THIS program?

That’s an excellent question, and the answer is quality.

Well, just put this program isn’t only going to teach you the fundamentals such as “what is an if statement” or “how to write a for loop” — this kind of advice isn’t worth paying cash for in my opinion.

If you would like to know the bare bone basics, then you can find that information at no cost. But that’s not going to teach you how you can put those fundamentals and fundamentals together to construct something which works.

That is where my path comes in — I will be moving over the very same basics of C# (C Sharp), but I will be doing this in a context of an application which we’ll be building from scratch.

Mostly the program is split up into sections, and each section is a console program that we’ll be growing from beginning to end. A console application is a computer program that’s designed to be used via command line interface – meaning that we’ll not be focusing on the graphic elements of our program but instead about the logic, readability, and elegance of our code.

In the end, once we’ve built our application, we’re going to go ahead and write unit tests to confirm the functionality we’ve just created. Unit tests are heavily used in the business and the event you can discuss unit tests, write decent unit tests and understand what should be unit tested and what ought to be ignored then you’ll be far ahead of your competitors when it comes to getting a new job or opportunity with a customer who knows about technology. Apparently, all of them are likely to be revealed and taught to you during the course – remember we’ll be unit testing every program so that you will see the patterns and that way learn how to do it yourself rather than memorizing and forgetting shortly afterward.

I believe that writing programs in C# (C Sharp) is the ideal way to explain to you how things fit together, you will understand the dos and don’ts of programming, you may understand and internalize concepts in a manner in which you can use them freely in your projects or products, rather than just copying and pasting things with a correct structural and foundational understanding.

As soon as you’re finished with this class – keep checking back because I will always be adding new programs, quizzes, online coding exercises and much more. Exactly like my motto of never stop improving – this program will follow the same and constantly get better according to your own and other people’s feedback.

The best thing about all of this is that the program is always going to remain updated and after new versions of Visual Studio or C# come up I will be making updates and illustrations to demonstrate how the new features, syntax, and tools are functioning. The latest update was created for C# 7 and Visual Studio Community 2017. But, once more updates come throughout the course will include those upgrades as well so you aren’t missing out on some of the most recent features.

I look forward to having you as my pupil and sharing with you all that I have gathered over the years of training, hard work and listening to my mentors.

Udemy Coupon Free – Learn C# By Building Applications

Who’s the target audience?

  • Anyone who is interested and interested in learning to program or already knows programming but needs to fill in any gaps in their understanding
  • Anyone who does not just want to watch these videos for amusement but wants to implement the lessons learned
  • Anyone who takes pride in their code and needs to continuously improve their skill set

Udemy Coupon Free – Learn C# By Building Applications

About the Instructor

Avetis Ghukasyan

Hey! I am Aventis, and I am a web developer (formerly a software developer). I’ve Bachelor of Computer Science from Wentworth Institute of Technology, and I take pleasure in the field of computer science since I strongly feel that it forces one to think in a logical and radically honest manner that has a very substantial possibility of making one into a better person.

That then helps you to write even better applications creating an up cycle for more expansion.

I think that with hard work, dedication, and consistency anyone who sets their thoughts towards learning a particular skill can do this – even if this individual does not have any prior knowledge of it and feels like a complete beginner.

Very well put together material
  • Very nice course with good sample applications.


I wish there was some mention of how the algorithms/flowcharts correspond to the design to give better idea while programming the applications, but that is fine, course is still very good.

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