Udemy Coupon Free – Complete HTML CSS Guide : Design and Code Responsive Website

Udemy Coupon Free – Complete HTML CSS Guide : Design and Code Responsive Website

Udemy Coupon Free – Complete HTML CSS Guide : Design and Code Responsive Website

Learn how to design and then develop fully functional, real world website with various features and effects.

What Will I Learn?
Skills to Design and Build eye-catching responsive websites from 0 all the way to 100
The Easy way to build Fully Functional websites
Implement fully functional Contact Form without writing even a single of back-end code
Optimize websites for ever growing Mobile world with Media Queries
Learn Logic and Skills to program dazzling and elegant jQuery animations
The Best practices in web design and development
All the little Tricks and Tips to make your website one of a kind

None to Basic coding and design knowledge
Web browser – one of the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari will be just fine
You can choose your favorite code editor
Graphics editor – we will be using Photoshop
And just desire to learn real world skills


Take your skills to the next level with this project based course where we will design and develop responsive website from scratch.

This course takes you from beginner with little knowledge about web design and development to the point where you will be able to design and develop website by yourself.

We will start with blank Photoshop document and create beautiful portfolio website which attracts attention of users. Then we will turn the design we created into fully functional, feature rich website taking everything step by step so that you actually learn something useful from this course. You do not have to be expert in Photoshop, HTML, CSS and jQuery because we are going to take everything step by step and i am going to explain everything as we go along.

Some of the features of website include:

Responsive Layout that Works on Every Screen
Fully Functional Contact Form
Animation Effects which Grab Viewers Attention
Smart Navigation Features
Beautiful and Proffesional Design
In this course you will learn:

Find all of the necessary resources to design website
Design beautiful website in Photoshop
Develop fully functional, real world responsive website from scratch
Make website dynamic by developing and implementing amazing features
Who is the target audience?
Beginners in web design and development who are looking for the boost to take their skills to the next level
People who want to make their living with designing and developing websites as a freelancers
Web designers who want to improve their skills by working on a real world project
Web developers who want to improve their skills and are looking for a practical project to work on

About the Instructor
Reinis Bērziņš
Designer, Developer and Online Educator

Hello everybody !

My name is Reinis Bērziņš. I am designer, developer and passionate online educator.

I have been designing and developing website for quite some time now and i am always trying to learn the newest trends so that i am up to date when it comes to web design and development.

I am also online educator. I have my own YouTube channel where i am constantly trying to teach something interesting to people all around the world. And now i have taken the next big step by offering full courses in Udemy to everyone who wants to gain new knowledge.

Have a happy and productive learning !

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