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Master Usability Testing and UX Research


You don’t have to take chances when you deliver new products to market! You can learn and use professional research methods so that your team will make informed decisions and know what end-users actually think about your product. It’s so easy, you can learn today and see results tomorrow.

  • Learn the basics of usability testing and UX research
  • Recruit the best users to participate in your studies
  • Uncover the real issues and thoughts your users experience when they use your products
  • Use professional methods that produce trustworthy results
  • Complete 5 exercises to help you master the necessary techniques

Your users want you to build amazing products that have the features they need, are easy to use, and provide tremendous value. They want to help you by giving you useful feedback. You just need to know how to ask them.

I learned how to do this the hard way over years of trial and error in the field. I want to pass that hard-won knowledge to you. This course will save you time, boost your confidence and help you deliver the information your team needs.

How do you know what kinds of users will give you the best feedback? Learn how to find the best users during the first 20 minutes of the course.

How do you convince users to give you accurate, actionable information? You will know how within the first hour.

How can you and your team feel confident that the results you’re getting are reliable? I’ll show you the professional methods that will build trust on your team.

How can you speed up the process of gaining feedback and lower the cost of doing your research? I’ll explain my advanced techniques.

Sign up now for lifetime access to over two hours of video content, five hands-on exercises and practical downloadable resources that will get you started today.

Who is the target audience?
  • Do you want to learn what your end-users think of your products?
  • Would you like to collect actionable data on your product’s usability?
  • Does your leadership team want reports showing the usability of your products?
  • Does your development team want fast feedback?
What Will I Learn?
  1. Run professional-quality usability testing sessions and do UX research
  2. Create a script for your testing sessions
  3. Capture actionable and measurable data
  4. Do remote or in-person testing sessions

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