Free Coupon Udemy – Create Custom WordPress Themes from Scratch


Build a custom WordPress theme using just HTML, CSS, and PHP

Know more about how WordPress supports a sizable chunk of Sites on the Internet


Standard knowledge of the WordPress admin panel
Fluency in English

You’ll get to benefit from all that expertise to come up with a WordPress site that’s excellent for you.

Who’s this WordPress course designed for? If you are a freelance programmer, I hope that following this class you may begin offering custom WordPress blogs solutions to your customers. If you’re a company owner, I hope that you learn enough to construct your own site from scratch. Whatever your objectives are, you will learn enough so that you can tweak an existing WordPress theme design.

In only 4 hours of movies you’ll learn how to build custom WordPress themes together:

The Loop
Template tags
The author tag
The date tag
Navigation menus
WordPress Plugins
Advance Custom Field
The WordPress Codex
This covers the most common things you would want to build on a WordPress site.

WordPress powers 28 percent of the Internet.

That is because both Fortune 500 Companies, artists, and bloggers all desire the same things: a customized theme, great SEO, and a simple means to publish content. I am very proud of how this class came out – and I hope you will join me.

Who’s the target audience?
Anyone with a WordPress theme already
Freelance developers


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