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Express Pilates: Build a Daily Practice


One of the biggest challenges to maintaining a regular exercise routine is time.  Although we may have time to go to class a couple of times a week or fit in a game of tennis, run or swim, the most effective way to maintain our health is to try to exercise on a regular basis, preferably a little bit of something everyday.

This course is the answer: in as little as 10 minutes a day, you can practice Pilates daily and enjoy all the benefits this amazing form of exercise provides.
Pilates is the ideal way to build a strong, flexible, mobile and toned body and is suitable for everyone at any age.  Perfect to improve posture, core strength and for preventing or recovering from injuries.  It is a great exercise choice, whether used alone or in conjunction with other fitness trainings.
Included in the course:-
  • 17 classes, almost 4 hours of video in total.
  • Classes between 10 minutes and 22 minutes long.  Can be used on their own for maintenance or can be joined together when you have more time in lots of different combinations.
  • 3 modules: Toned in Ten – 6 x 10 minutes classes giving a balanced mini workout.  All the Matwork exercises are contained in these 6 classes. Express Yourself – 7 x 10 to 22 minute classes, each with a unique theme.  Spotlight – 4 short workouts to target specific areas (Hips & Thighs, Abdominals, Upper Body, Flexibility & Mobility
  • A Guide to Pilates manual.
Ideally, you should have a knowledge of Pilates as the exercises are intermediate/advanced level.  If you have never done Pilates before, “A Guide to Pilates” would be a good place to start.  For those who need a refresher, the Pilates Guide will provide a reminder of neutral position before working slowly through “Toned in Ten” until you can perform the exercises efficiently.
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to improve posture, prevent back problems and injuries and get into great shape
What Will I Learn?
  • The course provides life time access to a library of short Pilates matwork workouts that easily fit into the busiest of days

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